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Joy Wagner, LMFT-IT

Making It Special

We survived January and 2019 is in full swing.  Valentine’s day is almost upon us.  Besides your anniversary and your partner’s birthday, it could be one of the most important days to plan for.  This is an opportunity to do something intentional rather than waiting for the last minute and putting something together quickly or just shrugging it off all together.  Let this be your reminder to start thinking about what you can do to let your significant other know that you love them and appreciate having them in your life.
Your plans don’t have to be expensive or elaborate.  Think about your significant other and what they like.  Think about your history and what you have shared together.  Think about things you love about them.  Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Food – eat out, carryout, or cook your own.  Make it special.  Think about their favorite foods or foods that have special meaning.  Put a little thought in it.  Maybe it is the dessert that is special.  It is still early enough that you could order one of those meal delivery kits where you pick the recipe from their selections and they deliver all the ingredients to your house and then the two of you can cook together.

Location – find somewhere that has the mood you are looking for or has some significance.  If staying home is the option that best fits your situation or your significant other, then make some efforts to set the mood.  This could be with candles, Christmas lights, or just dim lighting.

Expression – whether you read someone else’s or write your own, words are powerful.  You could write your own poetry or read some that someone else wrote.  Try writing some thoughts that are your own.  Make a special playlist for the evening with songs that have lyrics that are meaningful.

Activity – If you go for something more laid back like a movie, try to make it meaningful.  Maybe there is something your significant other has been asking you to do with them for a long time.  Why not give it a shot.  Otherwise, look on Groupon for something new to try and get a great deal on it.  You could also check out http://thirtydollardatenight.com/love-relationships/category/date-ideas-lists/abc-date-ideas/ for some great ideas.  You could also find things to do at home.  Try running a bath for your significant other.  You could put some music on and just slow dance.  You could do karaoke at home.

Whatever you decide to do, try to make it special.  If you were reading carefully, you might have noticed that I mentioned finding things that are significant and meaningful.  This is important because it shows that you put time and effort into whatever you are doing.  This person is in your life because they are significant and special to you.  Make sure you let them know.

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