Individual Therapy

Duration: 50 Minutes
Cost: $100.00

Every individual is involved in multiple relationships. The relationship that is most often overlooked is your relationship with yourself and what is often referred to as your “inner child.”

As children, we all lived in a world where we had very little control and limited understanding of the experiences that impacted us during that time. All of us have been wounded in some way during childhood. It could be as small as a perceived lack of attention from a parent to the traumatic horrors of child abuse. Until those wounds are acknowledged and healed, that wounded inner child will continue to show up in your adult relationships uninvited.

In our individual therapy sessions, you will direct the focus. Individual therapy sessions often begin by focusing on a particular relationship or life struggle, such as:

  • Relationship with your partner or spouse
  • Family relationships
  • Workplace dynamics
  • Feelings of low self-worth
  • Feelings of anxiety, fear, or mental health issues
  • Understanding and acceptance of self
  • Dealing with trauma from life experiences or changes


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