Free Intro Session

Duration: 20 Minutes
Cost: Free Consultation

The relationship between a therapist and her clients is one that requires a strong level of interpersonal connection and trust. For this reason, I encourage clients to take advantage of my 15-minute Free Intro Session before committing to paid therapy sessions. I would encourage you to do this with any therapist you may consider now or in the future.

Not all personality types mesh well. That is just a fact of life. Our intro session will allow us to experience interaction with each other to see what that feels like. It will also be a time for us to talk about my approach to therapy for situations similar to yours.

At the end of our session, you can schedule your first therapy session, take some more time to decide, or simply let me know that you don’t feel we will be a fit. Likewise, if I believe that I am not the best therapist to assist with your issues, I will communicate that to you before we end the session.